Do you love your pig skin? If so your favorite truck stops may be able to help. No, we are not talking about pork rinds here people, although you might be a fan of those, too. We are talking about football, that all-American favorite pastime that keeps truck drivers and football fans alike in good cheer. If you’re a truck driver with over the road reefer hauls, flatbed loads, and car hauling jobs for trucking companies, such as Gordon Trucking, Landstar Trucking, or Quest Global, you might have trouble watching the Monday night football or your favorite bowl. Thankfully truck stops have stepped up to the challenge by providing comfy truckers lounges and satellite television sports packages for truck drivers across America.
Trucker Lounges at Truck Stops

If you have the downtime your first priority is to find a truck stop with a truckers lounge. This will give you the best opportunity to watch football in comfort. It will also give you a chance to hang out with other football loving truckers during the big games, which is a great social outlet. You may also find sports bars attached to or within walking distance of truck stops. Keep in mind you want to have access to the truck stop for truckers parking. Here are some of the best truckers lounges in the US:

Iowa 80 Truck Stop features the Driver Den on the 3rd floor where you can hang out and watch football.
Jubitz in Portland, OR is Open and has a truckers lounge, as well as a full service restaurant and a hotel. You can get comfy, have a couple of beers, enjoy a big meal, and watch the game without rushing out the door.
Speedway in Disputanta, VA has a truckers lounge and restaurant, along with a trucking parking lot big enough to hold over 100 trucks.
Whisky Pete’s in Primm, NV is a nontraditional truck stop with an onsite casino called William Hill Race and Sports Book where you can watch and bet on the big game via the A-Play Sports app.
North Forty Truck Stop in Holladay, TN has a TV room where you can watch the game after you get a massage in the truck stop. You can even wash your dirty trucker clothes while the game goes on.

Now not every trucker will be able to swing by these independent big-name truck stops on a regular basis. However if you are in the area of one it’s worth the effort to pit stop for upcoming football games especially those that are most important to you. For those Super Bowl games and other regional football favorites you may be able to experience a football party truck stop-style. That will definitely be a memory in your trucking career that you won’t forget.
National Truck Stops

If you are a regular trucker at Love’s or Pilot Flying J you know that having access to the football game at these locations is a bugger. For starters all of the locations do not have truckers lounges, which is typically where you could watch the game. Of course you could catch the football games using your mobile devices including smartphone, laptop or tablet thanks to the truck stop Wi-Fi service. However, as we will discuss further on this isn’t necessarily the best case scenario.
TA and Petro for the Football Win

TA and Petro are on the right track in terms of making football games accessible to truck drivers. TravelCenters of America, the operator of TA and Petro, offers DIRECTV service at almost 200 locations, which includes the NFL Sunday Ticket channel. Football airs regularly in these locations for the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games. Plus at TA Petro you have access to full-service menus at their onsite restaurants that allow you to enjoy food while you cheer on your favorite teams. Additionally, these truck stops offer game day specials that feature football snacks you will want to grab before you head back on the road. To find the TA and Petro truck stops along your route check out their TruckSmart mobile app.
Watching Football Without Truck Stop Access

As for those truck stops that don’t offer access there’s still hope. You could use their Wi-Fi, but this can be spotty and you aren’t necessarily going to be able to access it in the comfort of your rig. Instead opt for a hotspot so you can watch football wherever you are, whether in a trucking parking lot or not. Just be mindful of your data so you don’t end up with a huge bill at the end of the month. Truckers recommend using a major cellular carrier, such as Verizon or AT&T, rather than a pay by the month carrier. This ensures you will have the most coverage possible using your hotspot.
Satellite Radio for Football Games

As for trucking jobs that carry you outside of the hotspot service range consider your SiriusXM Radio channels. Sirius satellite radio will carry all of the games, but you will likely need to purchase these channels separately from your regular subscription service. For football you can get channels that include:

ESPN Radio
SiriusXM NFL Radio
SiriusXM College Sports Nation
SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio
SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio
NFL Play-by-Play for your favorite sports team
Sports Play-by-Play channels for various games

The truth is for most truck drivers hauling for trucking companies like Zeller LLC, Transcarrier Inc., Poly Trucking Inc., or Knight Transportation you won’t have time to stop and watch a football game. Your best solution is to listen to it via satellite radio while you are hauling trucking loads. Whether you are a cattle hauler, taking flatbed trucking loads, or pulling a reefer trailer you only make money when you are moving. So save your football watching to your off duty hours, home time, or vacation days and use the radio to live broadcast those games on a regular basis.

If you are a football fan how do you watch your favorite games as a truck driver? Any tips or advice?