The job of a truck driver is very tough. Although it is hard to believe in that. From the first sight it is a very interesting and exciting job – you drive across the country, watch the lifestyle in the cities and villages, you can even estimate the beauty of nature in some national parks. It looks like every boy wants to work as a truck driver and to drive a big car! By the way, nowadays not only boys but also some girls have such a dream of becoming a truck driver. And each year the number of women truck drivers increases. But behind the scenes of such an interesting, romantic and highly paid profession there are some drawbacks, which are hidden till one becomes a truck driver.

The deterioration of the Health of the Driver

This is perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of the job of a truck driver. The constant sitting lifestyle, even if the chair is really comfortable, sooner or later brings some unwilling results. First of all, it is a deterioration of blood circulation, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. Even some exercises during the pause can’t solve this problem. Because it often happens that the truck drivers work more than 10 hours which comes across with the American rules. Secondary, it is a blurred vision. The truck drivers have to be focused on the road all the time, that is why their eyes become red which eventually affects the mucous membrane of the eye, which means inflammation and permanent decrease in visual acuity. Moreover, the stomach of a truck driver suffers too. The poor diet and the sitting lifestyle violates the normal process of digestion. Finally, the nervous system. The constant lack of sleep, fatigue, frequent stresses can’t have a positive impact on the health of a truck driver.

The Hazard on the Road

The road is a constant danger. Even when you are driving by observing all the rules and when you have an extensive driving experience, you never can be sure in your safety because of the oncoming car or pedestrians who can break the rules and create an accident or emergency. The vehicle intensity of the USA is very high. Especially in big cities. That is why the truck drivers are trying to pass major cities at night. Therefore, it is necessary to be extremely focused on the road.

Truck Drivers Insurance

If you work in a large company officially, then your health and life are insured. But there are some situations when the truck drivers work unofficially and in this case the insurance payments are impossible. Even if you want to insure yourself you will not succeed, because the insurance companies of the USA do not insure miners and truckers, considering that it is not beneficial to them because of the high mortality and accidents.

High Fines for Truck Drivers

The very high penalties for the truck drivers are introduced in the USA. For example, if you have broken a rule by exceeding the speed limit, the driver of the car will pay $10, and if you have committed the same violation as a truck driver you would pay $50. This is because the American truck drivers are considered to be professionals and who have to observe all the rules while driving.

Sometimes truck drivers are forced to break the rules – especially on the roads of California. Since it is a mountainous area, which has a large number of passes it is impossible to drive the loaded truck on the mountain with a top speed of 88 km/h because you need the acceleration. In such cases, truck drivers are grouped and break the rules at night in order to go up to a certain mountain. If this line of trucks is met by the police, they can stop only the first or the last one.

Despite all these drawbacks, the job of the truck driver is popular any way. After all, there are fans of this nomadic life! Every profession has its drawbacks. That is why, the most important thing is that you have to love your job. In order to make your job of the truck driver easier, we offer you the services of the Ram Cargo. The company activities are focused on the searching of the cargo and organization of its delivery, by providing the dispatching services. Such services cost only 8%. To become a member of our team you can contact us by phone +1 585 472 9153 or e-mail and our logisticians and dispatchers will help you in searching goods and its delivery.