Moving is hard and exhausting work. Just imagine that you are going a long way in front of you and constantly tracks the image with its white stripes in the middle. Vanity, in a word. And then all the trouble – the car stalled. Around snow, cold to the bone, and the oven has stopped working. What to do in such a situation? Is there a way to keep warm and how truckers in the car, as long as it has happened so suddenly? Let’s understand this common effort. Ways, of course, not much, and not too little. But they are there, and it pleases. The main ones are:

1. Make road transport. If your van is a newly released from the production process model, then surely its manufacturer has equipped its tried and construction elements special heat insulators, which are capable of giving, though small, but resistance lyutomu cold that has gripped the entire machine outside.

2. The second point is the stove. Imagine that the stove is still maintaining performance. Then you just have to thank her for it.

3. Clothing. Fura big, a lot of places – take on the road with a little … clothes that will be heating assistant, if you happened such.

4. climb in prices. If you carry something, then surely this is something very much. Then there is the possibility to stay between the goods and arrange a couch, to the moment when you are not there and reap not help. Unless of course, you do not carry, like fresh meat.

These uncomplicated tips will help you to answer the question of how to keep warm in the car in the winter. But there are still options that are devised in such extreme situations, or those that are low popularity. And the first method is suitable for you if you like music, to be able to play any musical instrument and carry any with him, that was a reminder of home. Then you need only to dance and thus warmed myself. But it was a small digression. Now, serious and to the point. The answer to the question of how to keep warm in the car can find the form below. When you are in such a situation, then take it to himself in the cockpit or cabin everything that can warm. A good material can serve as newsprint production. It is able to close the gap are all available and cover all public and private parts of the body. Paper can also be done multi-insoles, which would safeguard the feet from hypothermia because the lower extremities of human need special care and warmth. To learn how to keep warm in the car in winter, it seems to be clear. And what to do with the product, which is stuck in the cold? Of course, to be hoped that he carefully packed and insured for just such occurrences. It should immediately call and wait, so to speak, or reinforcements to catch any traveler. So it is possible to promptly repair the damage to the vehicle is injured and will soon resume the journey and deliver the goods transported safely. Another point would be warm gasoline or any other fuel that is available. It is poured into a kerosene stove or a blowtorch. Only in this case, you have to be extremely careful, because petrol is very explosive substance, due to which not only you but also your product can be in an unpleasant situation. In the end one more advice truckers who came up with the boys, trapped recently in a similar situation. If the hand you have pepper spray, and the car has a ceramic tile, their connection can achieve the desired effect of heat, which arises from the combustion of the latter. Here, in principle, the main thing that you need to know during the freight, when the car “died” and warm yourself and items needed. Good luck on the road!