Language – is the main mean of communication and verbal method of transmitting information in all spheres of life. In addition, there is a special language that is used in professional dialogue between engineers, programmers, marketers, musicians and of course between the drivers. It is even prescribed in the rules of the road and is mandatory for all drivers. However, it is not only the formal language of the road, which are the road signs and road markings, but it is also the informal speech, which is the use of visual and acoustic signals and gestures. Using this language drivers can send each other information about the dangers and help in order to carry out the maneuver, show their gratitude or asking for forgiveness. Knowledge of the language helps drivers navigate better in certain situations on the road, and to understand what they want to tell other drivers. Knowing these signs is very helpful in the work of truckers, because they have to drive almost always on the new road, and this informal speech will help orient them to new areas.


The Meaning of the Most Usual Informal Communication of Drivers


  1. The signal of the right turn

When you want to overtake a large truck, and you see that its right turn signal is switched on, it means that it is possible to overtake – the road is free.

  1. The signal of the left turn

When the truck driver notices that the truck behind him  is planning to maneuver – to overtake, he turns on the left turn signal. This sign serves to warn the drivers of the danger – there is a vehicles on the road or some other obstacle.



  1. Single flashing of the distant light


This signal is often used by drivers of the oncoming lane. It means that the danger ahead – there was a traffic accident, etc. Therefore you should decrease the speed of the car and be very careful. In the dark, and if this signal is long, it may mean that your lights are not working normally, or you have turned on distance light and you are blinding oncoming drivers.

  1. The double flashing of the distance light

This signal is very common and is used by many drivers. This sign is used by the truck drivers of the oncoming lane, and it means that you are approaching a dangerous section of the road.



  1. Multiple flashing of the distance light

The truck drivers who are behind you use this signal. It means that they want to pass. If you have the opportunity, you can switch on the right turn and miss the car. If this is not possible, then give a flashing signal of the right turn, it means that you will give the way as soon as you can.

  1. Hazard lamps

Hazard lamps – is a universal signal used by drivers. In addition to its primary function – the use of an emergency stop, braking at blinding in the dark, under the rules of the road, it also has other meaning. Truck drivers use this signal to express their gratitude for giving the way, for making it possible to carry out the maneuver, etc. Also with the help of this “emergency” signal you can apologize for the inconvenience of your maneuver or the creation an emergency situation on the road.



  1. Switching from the city beams to the distance light

This signal means that the an oncoming car blinds the truck driver.  


  1. Switching from the distance light to the city beams

This sign is used when you notice that the truck driver behind you wants to overtake you. Switching from the distance light to the city beams you won’t blind the driver. You should use this when you see the oncoming car – it will prevent dazzling and reduce the car accidents.


The listed signals are used as the opportunity to exchange the information between the drivers and are very popular all over the world. You do not need to know the language of the country of which you are driving or language spoken by the neighboring car driver. According to these basic signals you will be understood and your courtesy will be noticed on the road.

All these examples of informal messaging are also part of the security on the roads. All the truck drivers should know these signals, but it is also very important to remember that these signals are the additional tips and you shouldn’t set a signal if it can be confusing to the other drivers.
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