Everyone needs to take a break on a long road trip. And in between the small highway rest stops and fast food meals, be sure to check out these amazing truck stops located throughout the United States.

Whiskey Pete’s

Primm, Nevada

It may not look like a traditional truck stop, but Whiskey Pete’s offers a place for truckers to rest and recharge near the state line of California and Nevada. On top of the truck stop, there are a plethora of casinos, hotels, outlet stores and even a roller coaster next to a 24-hour restaurant, business center and gas station.

South of the Border

Hamer, South Carolina

The self-proclaimed “home of America’s favorite highway oasis” is hardly a hidden gem. With its golf course, reptile lagoon and wedding chapel, this highway truck stop has become more of a roadside attraction that people visit from all over. And be sure to check out the 200-foot Sombrero Observation Tower if you make the trek to this Southern landmark.

Morris Travel Center

Morris, Illinois

Open 24 hours a day, the famous R Place at Morris Travel Place is one of the top truck stop restaurants in the United States. Since it’s opening in 1967, R Place has evolved into a unique restaurant that offers an exquisite bakery, homemade pastries, and its Ethel Burger, a 4-pound masterpiece.

Little America

Flagstaff, Arizona

Little America is a mini-chain full of plenty of stops for truckers to enjoy. It’s located amongst a 500-acre backdrop of ponderosa pine forest that features a recreation center and conference hotel.

Sapp Bros

Sidney, Nebraska

The Sapp Bros truck stops pride themselves on superior customer service that extends far beyond what one would typically expect. And the bathrooms are the pinnacle of that service for any trucker. Each bathroom offers a granite countertop and is guaranteed to be clean. If forever reason it’s not, simply push the button in the bathroom and the staff is immediately notified to come assist you!

Iowa 80

Walcott, Iowa

Finally, it’s the Iowa 80: The World’s Largest Truck Stop. You’ll find everything here from a movie theater to a wonderful trucking museum. Truckers are sure to stop by here with all of the amazing services that are available. There is also a colossal store that features three tractor trailers inside and is covered in chrome accessories. Feel free to stock up on your favorite veggies as well with the restaurant’s legendary 50-foot long salad bar.

So next time you hit the road, consider these 6 wonderful stops for your relax. If you need gas, snacks, a shower, a roll of duct tape or entertaining conversation, these stops will be the ideal solution to your problems. In order to be constantly on the move, choose the dispatching company Ram Cargo. You will be offered dispatching services available 24/7, the best rates in the US – only 8%, constant trips and full loadings. So make your choice and hit the road!