Very often, the future truckers make the wrong choice of the truck, as initially guided by false reasons for choosing a particular bolshegruzov. Today we examine some of the criteria that must be chosen such as tractor. This article will not be stories about specific brands and models of cars, but will show built an algorithm by which you can pick up truck was under him.


First, determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on a truck. Very often, this technique is taken on credit. Expect their financial strength so that in the event of sudden loss of truck you are not left in a pile of debt and without a livelihood. Lorry tend sometimes to fall into a very unpleasant accident, and that the villains are stealing them. So, imagine that you have a certain amount.


Before buying a truck, try to get future orders. You can search for themselves orders for transportation, and offices can use that for a commission will give you a lot of customers. Try to calculate how much time you will be able to pay back your track. If you live in some sparsely populated area with no industry, such as pay Mercedes Actros you’ll be several decades.

Types of cargo

Depending on the potential future orders Think about what kind of truck you have to be optimal. Accordingly, if you need to carry a lot of cargo, then take the tractor with semi-trailer, and if freight will be a little, it is easier to take for example a van for transportation of goods medium-duty trucks. Just pay attention to the body type, the simplest is to take the van tilt, using such an option you will be able to carry loads of almost all types and sizes. If you carry such products, it is necessary to take the refrigerator.

Model and brand of truck

In this section we involuntarily turn to your budget. The eternal question to buy a new Chinese or Russian trucks or “American” or “European” city. Look at some of your trucks priced travel truckers in your area. Likely to have been thoroughly studied this issue. One or two people can make the wrong choice, but when for example, 30% of truckers choose MAN or Volvo, then it is about the quality of the brand. Look at the service station truck near you, and find out what trucks they mainly serve. Be sure to make sure that certain brands are able to repair and maintain in your city or near you.

Where to look

So we decided on a number of brands and models of trucks that suit us. Next, we need to buy it. The options are many. Every more or less big city there are dealers that sell trucks. You can also lead the company through a special technique from Europe or the United States. Well, various sites such as “Avito” and “Hand in Hand” has not been canceled.

P.S. If you will come to mind with each of the items in this article, you will become the proud owner of a good truck!